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If a labor negotiation causes safety and security concerns, you can be confident knowing our deployment tactics ensure quick response rates.  We know the legalities behind closures and strikes and we are trained to handle them safely.

Plant Closures

Should safety of property and people become an immediate concern, we will deploy our best and most qualified security to handle these types of situations.  Safety is our priority and so is protecting your property and investments.


Company Layoffs

People do strange things when their lives are affective in a negative way.  It’s our job to ensure they are escorted quickly, safely and humanely.  All of our staff are trained in the legalities of labor disputes act professionaly.


If disputes breakdown, they can unfold quickly.  The safety and security of employees becomes our priority..  Our strike security are equipped to handle scenerios that transition quickly and will be deployed to handle them correctly.

Licensed Personnel

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