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We’ve teamed up with Canada Sky Drone Services to assist us in providing you new and safer alternatives and perspective in surveillance services on your property, with real time video reporting and analytics.

Better Vantage Points

Clearly using a drone is the obvious choice in getting a clearer picture of possible threats or security risks.  However, not all consumer drones can be equipped for such a tast, and licensing is required.  We are fully licensed and insured to handle your security issues.

Safe Distances

Being far away from the target but being able to record, monitor and report situations when they are happening is definitely the best option available.  It’s more affordable than hiring multiple staff, and all the video is fed back to us in real time.  All images and videos are in 4K.


Some areas of your property you may not be able to get to without the use of, say a helicopter, or other expensive equipment.  We are quick to deploy and offer our services to various location types, like prisons, power plants, military zones, and privately secured locations.

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