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Expert Investigation & Surveillance

Hiring investigators can help any cause involving clarity with issues related to the topic or subject. In order to ease the mind or improve your case, the help of an investigator is a great way to help your cause.

Corporate Investigations

Whether an employee is engaging in illegal activites like corporate fraud or theft or you need a background check, we ensure they are investigated and recorded accurately so you can make the right decisions.  We are skilled in generating reports on accidents, incidents, and suspicious activities.

Criminal Investigations

Investigators can play a crucial role in a criminal defence investigation.  Sometimes defense attornies need a team that can support their case by gathering evidence and securing witnesses.  This can range from fraud cases to robbery and even murder cases.  We are trained to take on the case.

Domestic Investigations

If your (ex) spouse is engaging in criminal activities or in matters of infidelity, we can assess any situation and provide evidence discreetly to ease your mind or to bring your (ex) spouse to justice.  We provide all documentation and detailed reporting of the investigation and surveillance case.

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