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Expert VIP Close Protection

Our executive VIP protection specialists are prepared for any instance of a personal security threat.  Our staff is highly trained individuals who will ensure you get to your destination safely.

Travel & Planning Logistics

We create reliable and secure solutions for your travel experience.  We determine levels of dangerous and unstable environments through extensive research and a thorough internal network built over years of active duty.  We then create a plan to get you to and from your destination safely.

Celebrity Protection

Celebrities are constantly being crowded by raving fans and the media.  Our job is to ensure you get through chaos safely and securely.  We create strategies and detailed plans to help reduce the threat of serious harm and deter outside sources from engaging or entering a premises.

Executive Protection

Executives and CEO’s may need protection from the workplace should issues arrise from corporate shut downs, strikes and labor disputes, terminations, layoffs, or disgruntled employees.  We’ll securely transport you to or from your destination safely using our contigency plans we create in advance.

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