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What We Do

We develop security efficiency and quality control programs. We provide security performance audits. We will conduct surveys of premises and check equipment conditions. We identify and resolve any security-related problems.

Penetration Testing

Also called pen testing, we will arrange to test your security network for any vulnerabilities that can be exploited or used against you.  It’s also important to ensure ethical practices are being used and compliance and policies are being practiced in accordance to privacy laws.

Security Weakness

Through our pen testing we can locate areas that may require additional security. Whether using more cameras in one area than in other areas, like dark hallways, basements, parkades and garages, or simply hiring a security team to proactively protect, we can identify issues, if any.


Security Audits

Our team will complete a full audit of your security team and network to ensure you are getting the care you need, within your budget, as well as getting what you paid for.  We will make sure that all your security needs are met by documenting any potential threats and areas of weakness.

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